What do we do?...

Our work focuses on computational, theoretical, and experimental approaches for understanding biological systems. using systems biology/biophysics approaches. The nickname of the group: The.Si.M.Bio.Sys. (Theoretical and In Silico Modeling of Biological Systems) does not reflect all our research since years ago I also started a experimental line. Our topics of interest cover quite different scales in time and space such as Cell Size Regulation in Rod-Shape Bacteria, Developmental Processes, Gene Regulatory Networks, Pattern formation, Disease Spreading...

Who are we?...

‣Javier Buceta (P.I.)

‣Iago Grobas (Postdoc): ialogroATuvDOTes

‣Lena Guitou (Ph.D.): lenaDOTguitouATcsicDOTes

‣Daniel Juan Serrano (B.Sc. Intern): danieljuanserranoATgmailDOTcom

‣Cristina Knetter (M.Sc.): cristina.kr01ATgmailDOTcom

‣Marta Nadal (Ph.D.): martaDOTnadalATcsicDOTes

‣Cristina Ugedo (M.Sc.): cugedoATgmailDOTcom

‣Quique Vidal (Ph.D., co-supervised by Dr. Ana Conesa): quique.vb.99ATgmailDOTcom

‣Virgilio de la Viuda (M.Sc.): virgyvpATgmailDOTcom

The team is further complemented by our collaborative research with:

‣Rafael Martinez (Research Group leader of the LSyM Lab, IRTIC-UV)

‣Angel Rogriguez-Cerro (Senior Researcher at the LSyM Lab, IRTIC-UV)

‣Agustin A. Reyes (Researcher at the LSyM Lab, IRTIC-UV)

Alumni (graduate students)...

‣Oriol Canela (Ph.D. Advisee): currently Junior PI @ Edinburgh U.

‣Marc Weber (Ph.D. Advisee): currently Postdoc @ CRG (Serrano Lab, Barcelona, Spain)

‣Samira Anbari (Ph.D. Advisee): currently Postdoc @ Johns Hopkins U. (Popel Lab)

‣Yanyan Chen (Ph.D. Advisee): currently Postdoc @ Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (Xavier Lab)

‣Lidia Contreras (Postdoc Advisee): currently Researcher @ Polytech. U Valencia (Valencia, Spain)

‣Marta Dies (Postdoc Advisee): currently Data Scientist @ AIA (Barcelona, Spain)

‣Graziano Fiorillo (Postdoc Advisee): currently Assistant Professor @ Manitoba U. (Winnipeg, Canada)

‣Rosa Baños (Postdoc Advisee): currently Biomed Lab Lecturer @ DOLMEN (Barcelona, Spain)

‣Arantxa Urchueguia (Postdoc Advisee): currently Senior Researcher at FISABIO (Valencia, Spain)

‣Alex Gómez-Marín (M.Sc. Advisee): currently PI @ Neuroscience Inst. (Alicante, Spain)

‣Ronald Galgoczy (M.Sc. Advisee): currently Consultant @ Prescient Healthcare Group (London, UK)

‣Iago Doel Pérez (M.Sc. Advisee): currently Analyst @ Agency for Health and Nutritional Safety (Vienna, Austria)

‣Maria Martí Prieto (M.Sc. Advisee): currently Research/Project Manager @ ETH Zurich (Zurich, Switzerland)

‣Bixi Kang (M.Sc. Advisee): currently...I have no clue! Bixi, where are you kiddo? if you are reading this please let me know ;)

‣Andres Bravo (M.Sc. Advisee): currently Teaching Assistant (Statistics) @ University of Valladolid (Palencia, Spain)

‣Eloy Serrano (M.Sc. Advisee): currently Data Scientist @ BBVA (Madrid, Spain)

‣Alvaro Lopez-Maroto (M.Sc. Advisee): currently Ph.D. student @ UPM (Madrid, Spain)

Abridged Bio (Javier Buceta)

I graduated in Physics (M.Sc. Theoretical Physics) in Madrid. In addition, I got a M.Sc. degree as Computer Analyst. During my Ph.D. thesis (Physics, Madrid), I researched on pattern formation, molecular motors, interfacial dynamics, and phase transitions using the Statistical Mechanics framework.

Afterwards, I moved to the University of California San Diego (Dept. of Chem. and Biochem. and the Institute for Nonlinear Science) as a postdoc (Prof. Lindenberg’s group) and worked on different topics (pattern formation, disease spreading, tumor growth...). Later, I was awarded by La Jolla Interfaces in Science/Centre for Theoretical Biological Physics programme to conduct research on ‘Left-Right Symmetry Breaking in Embryo Development’ at Salk Institute for Biological Studies/UCSD (J.C. Izpisua-Belmonte/K. Lindenberg).

In 2004 I moved to the Barcelona Science Park as a P.I. (“Ramón y Cajal” research fellow). I got tenured but in 2014 I accepted a position as Associate Professor at Lehigh University (PA, USA, Bioengineering Dpt. and Dpt. of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering) where I was the founding D.T. & W.E. Schiesser Faculty Fellow. In 2020 I moved back to Spain to the Institute for Integrative Systems Biology (I2SysBio) at Valencia as a tenured scientist/P.I. Since 2022 I am member of the direction board of the Spanish Biophysical Society.

Buceta’s Lab