some research highlights (last years)...

Noise and cell-cell communication in bacteria: Dynamics of the Quorum Sensing Switch: Stochastic and Non-stationary Effects, M. Weber and J. Buceta*, BMC Systems Biology 7, 1-15, 2013.

Developmental switches and differentiation: Sonic Hedgehog Signaling Switches the Mode of Division in the Developing Nervous System, M. Saade, I. Gutierrez-Vallejo, G. Le Dreau, M.A. Rabadan, D.G. Miguez, J. Buceta*, and E. Marti*, Cell Reports 4, 1, 2013.

synthetic biology designs: The Cellular Ising Model: a Framework for Phase Transitions in Multicellular Environments, M. Weber and J. Buceta*, Journal of the Royal Society Interface 13, 1, 2016 (cover).

Developmental patterning and noise: Finite Cell-Size Effects on Protein Variability in Turing Patterned Tissues, J. Buceta*, Journal of the Royal Society Interface 14, 20170316, 2017.

Virus spreading by enviroclimatic cues: A Predictive Spatial Distribution Framework for Filovirus-Infected Fruit Bats, G. Fiorillo, P. Bocchini*, and J. Buceta*, Scientific Reports 8, 7970, 2018 (media coverage).

Size homeostasis in bacteria: A Markovian Approach Towards Bacterial Cell Size and Homeostasis in Anomalous Growth Processes, Y. Chen and J. Buceta* , Scientific Reports 8, 9612, 2018.

Morphogenesis and novel 3d cellular shapes: Scutoids are a Geometrical Solution to 3D Packing of Epithelia, P. Gómez-Gálvez, P. Vicente-Munuera, A. Tagua, C. Forja, A.M. Castro, M. Letrán, A. Valencia-Expósito, C. Grima, M. Bermúdez-Gallardo, Ó. Serrano-Pérez-Higueras, F. Cavodeassi, S. Sotillos, M.D. Martín-Bermudo, A. Márquez, J. Buceta*, and L.M. Escudero*,  Nature Communications 9, 2960, 2018 (media coverage).

Mechanical coordination of cells during development: Mechanical coordination is sufficient to promote tissue replacement during metamorphosis in Drosophila, C. Prat-Rojo, P-A. Pouille, J. Buceta, and E. Martin-Blanco*,  EMBO J. 39, e103594, 2020.

Patterning-Mechanics feedbacks and tissue remodeling: Self-sustained Planar Intercalations due to Mechanosignaling Feedbacks Lead to Robust Axis Extension during Morphogenesis, S. Anbari and J. Buceta*,  Nature Scientific Reports 10, 10973, 2020.

* : Corresponding Author

The growth project...and bats...

We are  interested in understanding the problem of growth and size/shape homeostasis in biology. This topic includes the regulation of size at the cellular level. Questions of interest are, how do cells control their size to achieve homeostasis?, what is the interplay between mechanical cues and gene regulation to trigger division?, At the collective level we are trying to elucidate, and formalize, the mechanisms  shaping tissues. Questions of interest include, what are the mechanisms to reliably achieve the elongation of tissues?, how do cell pack together in a 3d space?,

Finally, we are interested in combining approaches from big data and modeling to understand how viral zoonoses propagate and lead to outbreaks. We are currently applying these tools to quantitatively model the spread of filoviruses in bats in the African continent.

Our research has been highlighted by media and popular culture. In particular, the discovery of scutoids has attracted a lot of attention, e.g. Colbert's late show, Meyers' late night, FoX, ABC, NPR, or The New Yorker. A full publication list can be found here.

Video: 3D Cell Packing Demo Using S C U T O I D S

Video: S C U T O I D S, Discovering a New Shape

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